MUFE/Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift Review

MUFE bday MUFE bday 2

I think it is amazing that Sephora gives you a free gift just for being a Beauty Insider on the month of your birthday! If you haven’t signed up already, do it! It is free. You gain points every time you make purchases as well, which may be redeemed for free items (usually deluxe sample sizes unfortunately!). The products in the birthday gift are from Make Up For Ever.

Mascara “Smokey Extravagant”:

MUFE Mascara

I have been wanting a new mascara, and this gift couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!  The brush has a much wider base as opposed to the tip, but I had no problems using it. My lashes looked a bit fuller and longer and it held my curl well. I was previously using Covergirl’s Clump Crusher and it didn’t look like I had any mascara on when I used it! It also would not let my lashes hold a curl for some odd reason! (I warm up my eyelash curler prior to use FYI!). I like this little tube, but I am not sure if I would want to repurchase. I would want to compare more brands before I made that big of a commitment! I am not sure if I am sold on buying higher end mascara. I hear a lot of people say that there is really no point. This is one item that if really different for every user!

MUFE Mascara Score: 9/10

Lipstick: “Rogue Artist Natural”:


Left: natural lips; Right: Lipstick

I really like the lipstick! It is about a shade darker than my actual lip color, so it’s really nice for a natural to no makeup look! The smell isn’t bad, and it does not feel thick or heavy. I didn’t need to put balm on before application; it was so moisturizing! With out food it lasted about 5-6 hours. It does need a touch up after eating though, which is common for a regular lipstick. Would I buy lipstick from MUFE? Definitely. I have no complaints! I’m tempted to get a full size of this color eventually! I am not a natural lipstick girl, so that’s saying a lot!

This lipstick had very minimal kiss transfer! Much less than my MAC lipsticks.

MUFE Lipstick Score: 10/10



*The photos of the makeup were taken by me. The photos of me were taken by the lovely Todd.

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