Coffee-Almond Zum Bar Review

Zum Bar Review

You know what I love? Free samples. You know what else I love? Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is my go-to place for studying. I can grab a bite to eat and sit in their dining area for hours minding my own business. When I need a break, I love to pack up and roam around the store. A lot of the time, there is someone promoting their business by handing out samples!

Last time I was at Whole Foods, a representative from Zum Bar, a soap company, was there. He had a very wide variety to choose from, but the one containing coffee grinds and almond  caught my attention immediately!

Zum Bar soap is made with goat’s milk which is close to the pH of human skin. You purchase the soap by the ounce at WF, but it is a bit different on their website. 

They have a very large variety of soaps to choose from as well as many other products (from lip balm to laundry soap!).

I have had the two small sample bars sitting in my bedroom for a few weeks now, and I decided it was finally time to give these suckers a try! Honestly, I have been so caught up with school that I completely forgot about them.

Todd liked the soap, and so did I!

Here’s my verdict:

  • Smells great and not too strong
  • Exfoliates well (the coffee)
  • Lathers well
  • Hydrating
  • Moderately priced

Would I purchase this soap? DEFINITELY!
I would love to try all of their scents and products.

Look out LUSH, I think I like their soap more than yours!


*I am not affiliated with Zum Bar or Whole Foods.

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