Clinique Cheek Pop: Peach Pop Review

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Finals have came to an end, and I cannot express how happy I am that it is OVER! I haven’t posted in a while, and I would like to apologize. I had to give 100% of my focus on school, and I will definitely mention that it payed off! I have one more class until I receive my AA, and I am planning on transferring for further education! I haven’t decided my major yet, but I am going to be thinking about that A LOT this summer!

I made a friend in my history class this semester, and he surprised me with this blush a few weeks ago!! I helped him pick out a Mother’s Day gift and sent him my notes on a few occasions, so this was his way of saying thank you!! It has been hard making friends since I moved across state, but I found a few great ones this semester!

I was expecting this blush to be a tad larger than it actually is, but I know it will last. The packing is solid, and the pigmentation is decent. The best part is the daisy!! I LOVE DAISIES! If you haven’t figured that out by now ;). I would say that the finish is more natural, and the color can definitely be built up! It leans more towards the pink side compared to Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy. I love both products, and I definitely want more colors from each line.


You can see above that this is a sheer blush. You can definitely pack it on more heavily than this though. If you are interested in a natural flush, then this product is definitely for you! I think that this is great for a no makeup-makeup look for spring/summer.

This product comes in three other shades, and runs for $21/0.12 oz at Sephora. That is $175 per oz, and Tarte’s blush is $130/oz. I am very happy to have a cheek pop because of the novelty of having a literal blushing daisy! After doing the math,  I would rather have the Tarte blush. Tipsy is more pigmented, and the cheek pop doesn’t come with a mirror. I do want more of these because of how pretty they are, but I would buy the rest of the colors that I want from Tarte beforehand.


  • It makes you happy looking at it! (:
  • Build-able
  • Natural finish
  • Long lasting (It lasted all day on me with no primer!)
  • Luminous coral sheen


  • Sheer (if you like vibrant colors)
  • More expensive per oz compared to Tarte’s 12-hour blush
  • No mirror

Blushing Daisy Score: 9/10

I do really like this blush, and I really appreciate the kind gesture of my friend surprising me with it! Thank you Chris if you are reading this!

This is definitely a blush that I do want in my arsenal, and I have used it a lot since it was given to me! My review might sound negative, but it is not!! I think it’s a nice blush to own.

Do you own any cheek pops? What do you think of them?


Comparison swatch of tipsy(top) & peach pop(bottom)!


5 thoughts on “Clinique Cheek Pop: Peach Pop Review

  1. Thanks for the review! I was thinking of picking up a colour considering we don’t have Tarte in Australia 😦 X

    • The color can be built up to an approximate dupe of Tipsy! It just SLIGHTLY leans a bit more pink! (: I’m so sorry, I would cry if Tarte wasn’t sold in the states! Lol I bet I’m missing out on good brands that are all around the world though!

      • thank you so much! If it is an ‘almost dupe’ of tipsy! I am definitely getting it 🙂 I know, I wish we had Tarte in Australia 😦 hopefully soon since Sephora is coming at the end of the year X

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