Hello Everyone!

This is my first empties post! I don’t tend to finish many products quickly, and I have been saving some of my trash for a while now. If you have never seen or heard of an empties review, it’s when products that have been completely finished by the user are reviewed. I always love reading these, and I was excited when I realized that I finally had enough items for a good sized post! Let’s get to it!

The titles of the product = direct links to that item.

MAC Technakohl Eyeliner in Graphblack 



This is actually a repurchased product. I used this eyeliner in high school as well. I flew through my first one, but I stopped lining my water line (and mainly use liquid eyeliner). This second one has lasted me a few years, but I still love it. I don’t experience transferring or smudging, and I don’t have to deal with sharpening my eyeliner all of the time. This was the first higher end eyeliner that I purchased, and I never saw the need to try something different. I loved being able to throw this in my purse for touch ups when I was only using liquid liner. The only reason I needed touch ups is because my eyes water like crazy by the way! This pencil retails for $16 USD, and I would definitely repurchase. I would probably buy whatever brown shade this is because I already have two black pencils at the moment.  I believe this eyeliner is part of the “Back 2 MAC” program, so I will definitely be saving it for a lipstick swap when I have 6 empty qualified products saved up!

L’OCCITANE Cooling Hand Gel Cream



I linked the travel size, but this I used the sample size. I used this as a hand cream while in the car for my long drive to Seattle (from Orange County). I like that it was cooling, especially because it was hot outside. My complaint: the consistency is so thin! I felt the need to reapply so frequently that this sample definitely did not last as long as it should have. It had a nice, fresh lemon scent though. I have really dry skin, and this just was not enough for me. The travel size retails for $12 USD for only 1oz! Would I repurchase? Most definitely not. This was a gift, and I did enjoy using it. But that being said, I don’t like having to reapply a hand cream every single hour. I prefer a thick consistency!

LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub



Oh LUSH. I do really like many of their products, and Ocean Salt was not an exception. The lime and coconut scent was amazing, and my skin always felt so smooth afterwards. I do prefer this as a body scrub because I feel like the salt is too abrasive for my face. Lately I have been using body scrubs from The Body Shop, and I have been preferring those over Ocean Salt. I do really like this scrub though. It retails for $21.95 USD for 4.2oz. Would I repurchase? Maybe someday. I just like The Body Shop scrubs more because they feel more moisturizing than this scrub does. Whatever you do, do NOT use the scrub AFTER shaving your legs. This is a VODKA-BASED scrub and it WILL burn. I made the mistake once, never again. I like that the salt melts down as your scrub yourself, and it does do a great job os stripping off the top layer of dead skin.

Dearderm Milk Vitality Ample Mask



This mask was given to me by my friend Chris. I believe he bought it from the Japanese market in the area called Mitsuwa Marketplace. On Amazon the mask is about $6 for one + shipping, but you can purchase 12 for ~$20+shipping. I believe they are only $2-3 at Mitsuwa, but don’t quote me on that. These masks are always hilarious to me. It is a mask that has a cotton sheet drenched in the product that you put on your face for 20 minutes. People always look like a wet mummy with them on. It claims to help skin vitality, moisturize, tighten pores, and improve your skin’s elasticity. Does it help with those things? Not really. I’d say it did help moisturize, but my pores did not look any difference. I didn’t really feel like my skin was glowing afterwards either. It was a nice little moisture pick me up for my face, and it felt nice and cooling when I put it on. Would I repurchase? No. I liked using it, but non of the masks that I have used in this style have really done it for me! It also claims to be a milk mask, but it doesn’t have lactic acid! Lactic acid is an AHA exfoliant, which is great for daily use. I’ll stick to my St. Ives AHA pads.

Dove Go Fresh and Go Sleeveless Deodorant 



I linked to the Go Sleeveless because I did prefer that deodorant to the Go Fresh. I purchased the Dove Go Fresh plum and sakura blossom scent twice before trying the Go Sleeveless soothing chamomile. I have a problem with a lot of deodorant scents making me nauseated, and I didn’t have a problem with these two. I liked the plum for a while, but I wanted something with a more mild scent. I do like both of these, but I have started using a different Dove deodorant that I do like more now. If you like a ibt of a stronger, more sweet/floral scent, then I would recommend the plum and sakura blossom. If you like something that it more mild then go for the soothing chamomile. The Go Sleeveless didn’t really make a difference in the appearance of my underarms like it claims, but I just wanted something that would keep me smelling nice and fresh! I would say that my underarms did feel a bit more moisturized as compared to the go fresh, but it wasn’t that noticeable. I bought these for around $3 at Target, and I may repurchase the go sleeveless someday, but I have been enjoying the new Dove deo that I have been using more recently.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask



I bought this before I got a pixie cut when my hair was really fried in some parts. Now, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get that fried hair cut off. I was trying to rescue it, but I was at the point of no return. However, I did continue to use this in leu of a regular conditioner, and it is great for that. I have short hair, and it lasted me almost a year. I purchased it for about $5 USD at my local Target. Would I repurchase? Yeah! This is a great conditioner. My hair always felt very full and soft after using it (about 2-3x/week). I bought a different brand (Aussie) because I was choosing between the two when I bought it, and I still wanted to try the Aussie. I will be going back to the Neutrogena once I finish the Aussie. This one doesn’t leave a strong lingering perfume smell like the Aussie one does, and I prefer the screw top to a squeeze bottle. I have only used the Aussie brand deep conditioner once now, so it really is too early to judge. I do really like this, and I would recommend it. I do still deep condition with coconut oil as well.


Have you used any of these products How do you like them?





Hello Everyone!

This is literally a dream come true. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino, for those of you who do not know that already. Pulp Fiction is a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, what are you doing with your life?? It is on Netflix by the way (along with Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Volume 2, Jackie Brown, and Reservoir Dogs).

When I saw that Urban Decay was releasing a Pulp Fiction collection in honor of the 20 year anniversary of the film, well, I was all over it!! I was only able to get two items (thanks Todd!), but I am so happy with them. The only other thing I would purchase from the collection would be the nail polish.

Let’s get to it!

Pulp Fiction Palette





I love that all of the shadows are words from Jules’ quote from the bible; he is one bad mother fucker!

I would say this, if you have the Naked Basics (and you don’t care for Pulp Fiction) then you can skip out on this one. I had the chance to pick up the Naked basics earlier this year, and I am so happy that I did. Honestly, I would buy this palette even if I had the basics. It is just something that I really needed to have.

Let’s talk about the shades: (In order of my swatches)

  • Furious: is described as a “white satin”. It is a stark white shade with micro-glitter. It makes a perfect highlight shade.
  • Righteous: is described as a “light cream matte”. This one is probably the most chalky of the five, but it blends well. This matte vanilla cream color (slightly yellow toned) makes a perfect base.
  • Tyranny: is described as a “warm brown matte”. This color looks just like a very milky chocolate (orange-toned brown). It is the perfect brown for the crease! I was nervous because of how warm this brown is (I am very cool-toned), but I really like it.
  • Vengeance: is described as a “deep taupe-brown matte-satin”. The taupe in the brown makes this a nice, dark neutral brown. I think matte-satin is a good term for this because it looks matte from far away, but you can see a satin depth to it when you look closely. Great for the outer corner!
  • Anger: is described as a “black satin with slight tonal sparkle”. This black is definitely not the blackest black, but it is a nice dark black shade. It has largest chunks of glitter compared to the other shades, but that being said, the glitter is still slight and very small.

All of the shades have great pigmentation and are “buttery” smooth. I think this is a wonderful neutral palette.

The packaging is made of cardboard, but it is very sturdy. The mirror is a nice size, and the brush is a nice added touch. The packaging style can be related to the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette, as they both have the magnetic cardboard casing. The Too Face palette comes with “get the look” and the palette does have a pocket for them. The Pulp Fiction palette came with a get the look card as well, but no pocket. I don’t mind because I only used the card’s direction for reviewing purposes and will not be using it again. I will keep it in the packaging that the palette came in though.

This palette along with all of the Pulp Fiction collection is limited edition, so get it while you still can! The palette runs for $34 USD, a little more pricey compared to the Naked Basics at $28 USD for six shades instead of five (no brush).


Here is the “get the look” for Mrs. Mia Wallace. I didn’t feel like wearing mascara today, but I followed the card that came with the palette for my eyeshadow. I tend to not care for the directions that come with eyeshadow, but this one is definitely not bad. I think some extra blending would really make this look more “Mia”, but I am excited to make my own neutral looks with it. I definitely feel awesome wearing this shadow. It is nice to have a strictly almost matte neutral palette, which is great for daily use.


Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolution Lipstick


This lipstick is described as “deep blood-red” shade. I completely have to agree. This lipstick is so pigmented and creamy. It is a nice finish which gives a slight shine. I have been wearing it for hours with zero fade and it is definitely not drying. I am a red lipstick fanatic, and I am glad to have this one. As you can see from the photo I put above of Mia, he lipstick does seem a bit darker than this one. It would have been nice to have an even darker blood red, like more of an oxidized blood. BUT I am super happy with this shade still. It is beautiful.

This lipstick runs for $22 USD, the same price as the other Revolution Lipsticks, but the packaging is a gunmetal black instead of the standard silvery gray.


Here is a full photo. The only other product on my face besides what I just reviewed are my brows. I definitely feel fabulous. I’m ready to overdose on some cocaine! (Just kidding)

What do you think of the new collection?


(I am not affiliated with Urban Decay)


Hello everyone!

It’s been a while. If you were wondering, I was on vacation!! Todd and I just got back from a lovely trip to Seattle. We ate a lot, drank more than our weight in coffee, and got to see a bunch of friends (old and new!). I wouldn’t have been able to post, even if I wanted to! I barely had time to sleep, we were so busy. It was awesome.

Now that we are back to reality, I thought it was time to hop back on the beauty bandwagon! Todd just got promoted at work, and I am so proud of him. Me? Well, I am just here for you guys. (:

I thought that I would just pop in with a quick review today. I will start working on some tutorials now that I am back, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it today! I am still trying to unpack and get settled back in.


Oh Mary-Lou. Mary-Lou, I love you. This lovely gift from BronzeandBlush has already became a summer favorite of mine. I received it in the mail the day before we left, and I have used it almost everyday since! I love using it as an eyeshadow and a highlighter. The golden champagne color is perfect for summer, and I feel like a goddess with it on.


I was a little skeptical at first, because I am so pale. I was very pleasantly surprised though. I think that this is really a universal highlight, especially for summer. I think this would be great if you are looking for a nice glow on your cheeks in the winter too actually.


Swatchy-swatch. This is not a highlight that has huge chunk of glitter. It is more of a honey colored shimmery sheen on the skin. If you are only into matte products, this product is definitely not for you. I find myself going without an eyeshadow primer when I swipe this on my eyes really quick. I am in love, there’s not much else to say!!

Mary-Lou retails for $24 USD, and you receive 0.3oz. That is a lovely $80/oz. I know that sounds crazy, but this stuff is so pigmented, it will last forever.


  • Pigmented
  • Shimmery (no huge chunks of glitter here!)
  • Perfect for a luminous glow
  • Eyeshadow AND highlight in one
  • Long wear time
  • Mirror in compact (yiss)
  • Cute packaging


  • Seems fragile
  • Transfers on my hooded lids if I packed it on too much (a little goes a long way)

Blushing Daisy Score: 10/10!!

It was user error with the transferring. I really love this highlighter/eyeshadow. I am so grateful that my dear friend gifted it to me! (: Thanks girl!

What products from theBalm do you think are theBomb?


Bonus: Gorgeous latte from Victrola in downtown Seattle!



So, I made a friend that lives across the country from me. We both share the love for makeup, and I absolutely adore her! Recently she suggested to send a spare product to me, and I got really excited. I was planning on asking for her address around Christmas time so that I could send her something special, but instead, we totally became makeup penpals. Our skin (and taste in lip products) are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so we both have ended up with products that we just don’t or won’t use (or have extra of).

I am leaving for Washington State tomorrow for a little over a week (expect a lack of posts, I’m sorry!), but her package to me came a day early! It was supposed to arrive right after Todd and I hit the road. It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

If you don’t follow Bronze and Blush already, then give it a go right now! She posts pretty much daily, and I love reading every one of them! My little care package will make it out to her once I make it back from Washington :).

She packed it all in one of her ipsy bags, and I am really excited because I needed a small bag for my purse!

Well, isn’t this photo wonderfully out of focus? I took a break from packing to post, so sorry for the lack of photos! I will review all of these products (along with many others I have recently started using) soon!

  • Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

This little sample is just SO CUTE! I am about to go to Etude’s website and die       from a cuteness overload. The packaging says that it’s a “light and fluffy” moisturizing makeup base with SPF 25. I’m excited to try it!

  • Chella Hello Beautiful Eyes Indigo Blue Eyeliner Pen

I think she got this in an ipsy bag, but I’m not completely sure. Colored eyeliner is right up my alley, and I don’t have a darker, indigo blue. I think this will be great for daily use! I love my stila felt tip eyeliner, so if this one doesn’t smudge, I’ll love it too!

  • Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer

This concealer leaned a bit too yellow for me, but I decided to try it anyway. I ended up layering my current concealer over it, and I was impressed! Yay!

  • Milani Lipliner in Cherry Pie

I must confess, this is my first Milani product. I really want to pick up some baked blushes sooner or later. I already own two red lipliners, but I think that you can never own too many red lip products! I am excited to try this.

  • Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Electric Orange

I am the bright lip queen! I have been itching for an orange lipstick, and this lovely lady answered my prayers. I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells nice. My first red lipstick was from Maybelline, and I liked it!

  • Clinique Different Lipstick in A Different Grape

I actually already own this exact lipstick LOL! I will be gifting this one to my mom because I know that she’ll like the shade as much as I do. It’s a nice deep purple. Toni thought I would like this, and I do haha!

  • theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

So, this was the product that she had a spare of. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, IT’S ALREADY ALL OVER MY FACE!!! This is a great highlighter and eyeshadow. It’s gold tinted, perfect for summer, It is my first product from theBalm, and it will definitely not be the last.

Thank you so much Bronze and Blush! I am so excited to use everything you sent!





Why hello everyone!

It has definitely been a while. I have been so busy, and I wanted to pop in and say hello! What better way than a review?

It has been very difficult to pry the stila Stay All Day liquid liner pen from my hands, and I haven’t wanted to try another liner since. I received this MAC Liquidlast Liner as a gift, and I have never tried a liquid eyeliner from MAC before.

LET ME WARN YOU NOW, if you are not keen to brush applicators, this product is NOT for you. The first time that I ever used a liquid eyeliner, it had a brush applicator. It was an absolute disaster!! I avoided them since, but that was about 8-9 years ago (wow, time flies!). When I opened this liner it felt like the ultimate test. It definitely gets easier with practice. I have been wearing winged-style eyeliner since the beginning of high school, so I have had my fair amount of practice.


This eyeliner has great pigmentation, and it definitely lasts. I never experience flaking or smudging, with or without primer.



I can get nice, clean wings with ease. The brush isn’t too long or flimsy. I’d say that it is a better brush applicator if you are just starting out with a brush style.

This eyeliner runs for $19.50, and you receive 0.084 fl oz. That is a whopping ~$232.14/fl oz! Oh my MAC! It is pigmented, and a little goes a long way.


  • Pigmented
  • Long wear time
  • Stiff brush compared to others
  • Qualifies for Back 2 MAC program
  • Doesn’t irritate my eyes


  • Brush applicator (if that’s not your thing)
  • Can be a little difficult to remove
  • Expensive for some (I think it’s priced just fine)
  • It gets on my eyelashes while applying

Blushing Daisy Score: 9/10

I knocked a point because I don’t like when liquid eyeliner gets all over my lashes during application. I prefer the stila pen for that sole reason. I do really like this liner. A lot of drugstore liquid eyeliners irritate my eyes, and this eyeliner does no such thing. I don’t mind it being a tad more difficult to remove because that ensures that the wear time is fabulous. I love that it qualifies for the Back 2 MAC program; I can save the empty tube, along with five other qualified products, for a new lipstick! I think it’s good to have different types of eyeliner in your arsenal. I am definitely happy to have this one be a part of  mine.

What is your favorite liquid eyeliner?




To get this post started, let me just say that I received these products complimentary from a site called influenster for testing purposes. Just because I received these products for free, doesn’t change the fact that my review is based on my own opinions.

Now, let’s get to the fun part!


If you haven’t already noticed from the name of the box, these products are geared towards summer! I think “surfs up” suits me well since I live just a short drive away from the nearest beach on sunny Orange County!


Every box comes with an information card that gives a little description of each product that you receive. I love the photo on the card, it’s adorable! If you want to be apart of this community, either post your email down below, or email me at: blushingdaisyblog@gmail.com.

Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit


Right under the card were these Jamba Juice coupons! They are for these smoothie kits that Jamba Juice sells in grocery stores. I picked up Razzmatazz, under the request of my lovely boyfriend. You only need to add juice, and the bag says it contains two servings. Todd and I don’t drink juice, so I added almond milk instead.


  • The card says that they retail for $3.49, but they were $4.49 at my local grocery store.
  • You receive 80z in the bag of fruit & yogurt, thats less than 60 cents/oz depending on the price at your grocery store.
  • Not including the price of added juice.

The Razzmatazz kit had:

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  • Non-fat yogurt cubes
  • There is sugar added (20g total before juice is added)
  • Small amount of banana
  • Modified corn starch (I’m guessing in the yogurt)
  • Xanthan gum (probably in the yogurt too)
  • Stevol glycosides and absorbic acid (preservatives)


  • I prefer razzmatazz from Jamba Juice, but if we used apple juice and not almond milk, it may have been closer to the flavor.
  • It was sweet in a sugary way, not a sweet ripe fruit way.


  • I prefer the smoothies I make from scratch. It’s cheaper in bulk, and there is no added sugar.
  • There wasn’t much for two people. This whole pack made about the amount of an original size at Jamba Juice, for about the same price. I would prefer to just go to Jambe Juice and get a smoothie from them if I was going to drink something with added sugar.
  • I still want to try the green machine one though, I will use my $1 off coupon.
  • I wouldn’t repurchase after I use my last coupon.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion

Hawaiian Tropic_1

I have used the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen before, and I loved it! I was really excited to test this. The scent is coconut papaya, and it leaves a nice, faint scent on your skin after application. It is half lotion and half aloe vera, and you can see the ribbons through the bottle. It’s soothing and cooling on the skin, and does last a long time. I always wear spf when I go out, but my skin feels tired after being in the sun all day. This is a nice pick me up for my skin!


  • The bottle I received is 2oz, and it runs for $2.99, which is $1.50/oz
  • The regular size bottle is 8oz for $8.99, running at ~$1.13/oz
  • Both are a great price for this product, in my opinion.


  • Smells nice, it faint on the skin
  • Soothing & cooling
  • Good price
  • I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out! I may pick up some more sunscreen from HT as well.

First Aid Shot Therapy

First Aid

This is an interesting concept: a berry flavored caffeine shot containing 500mg of choline salicylate (NSAID). For those of you who don’t know me, I have fibromyalgia. I was interested to try this because I live with aches and pains on a daily basis. I happened to have menstrual cramps, back pain, wrist pain, and a headache right before I took this.


  • $2.99 for one dose (1.35 fl oz)


  • Smells like a juice pouch
  • Tastes like watered down cough syrup
  • Started feeling some relief from cramps/back pain in 20 min!
  • It didn’t help with my headache or wrist pain
  • Would be great to pick up in a pinch on a road trip, but I would stick to my pill formed NSAIDS.
  • I tend to not take medication, even in pain though.
  • This says it can help with hang overs. It won’t cure it, but it may help ease your symptoms. Drink a lot of water!

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors_1


The shade is Firefly: a bright neon yellow with micro glitter. I am actually wearing a different shade from Sinful Colors on my fingernails, and I am really impressed! I saw some people receiving this gorgeous blue shade, and I was a little disappointed when I opened my box. BUT I am glad to have a yellow polish now because I did not own one previously.

The application looks bad because I was in a hurry.

The application looks bad because I was in a hurry.


  • $1.99 for 0.5 fl oz: $3.98/fl oz.
  • This is one of the cheapest nail polishes on the market!


  • You need two coats, no matter the shade.
  • long lasting (over a week with no base/top coat!)
  • Cheap
  • Good color range
  • I am going to hunt down that blue shade at Target!
  • Go buy some shades, you’ll be pleasantly surprised (like I was!)

COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara



I have heard some bad things about this mascara, but I honestly think that it was user error. I had a terrible first application, but it applies fine if you don’t try to rush it. You need to remove this with an oil based makeup remover (I used coconut oil!). I had a dramatic difference, and I DIDN’T use an eyelash curler.


I am quite impressed.


  • $9.49-11.99 for 0.66 fl oz
  • ~$14.38-18.17/fl oz
  • About half the price of a mid-end mascara


  • Curling, lengthening, and volumizing
  • Lashes still felt pretty natural
  • Removed easily with coconut oil
  • No flaking
  • Cute packaging, and it’s weighted nicely
  • Would I repurchase? Maybe! I have so much mascara to go through, so I can’t think about buying more!
  • Let’s say if I went on vacation (like I am next week), and I happened to  forget my mascara, I would probably purchase this!
  • I like using two mascaras at once, and this is perfect for that!

Do you own any of these products? How do you like them?



Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to be reviewing my top three choices of MAC lipsticks for the summer season! I love bright colors, and all of these lipsticks are really fun.

I did make a video, yay! You can check it out here:

MAC Candy Yum-Yum (Matte)


Candy Yum-Yum is a BRIGHT cool-toned pink. I think it looks awesome on many skin-tones (I am MAC NW-13). You really need to exfoliate your lips before using this lipstick, as you should with any lipstick to be honest. This matte formula will extenuate the dry skin on your lips if you don’t. With exfoliation, this formula looks great! It’s highly pigmented, and it lasts 6+ hours on me. It even gave me the pleasure of fading evenly after I ate three tacos! 😀



MAC Vegas Volt (Amplified)


Vegas Volt is a bright coral that leans more pink than red. This one, to me, is a chameleon; it looks different on everyone! I looked at many photos of this shade before I purchased, and I really do think that it caters to almost any skin tone. I was easily frustrated with this lipstick at first, but I think that I finally figured it out. Honestly, I figured it out right before taking these photos, ha! DEFINITELY exfoliate before wearing this one, and do not leave any balms on your lips before applying. I always applied this lipstick with very minimal lip balm residue, and it was always a patchy application! I applied Vegas Volt today with absolutely nothing on my lips, and voila! It went on evenly. Also, this lipstick tends to settle into the fine lines on my lips. It bothers me, but not enough to stop wearing it. The color payoff is worth the line “settlage” in my opinion! This will last about 6 hours on me, but it doesn’t fade as evenly when eating as Candy Yum-Yum.



MAC Impassioned (Amplified)


Impassioned is a bright fuschia-pink. The formula of Impassioned is the best formula from MAC that I have ever used EVER! I didn’t exfoliate before putting, and I could probably apply it without looking in a mirror. It just glides on so evenly! It lasted 6+ hours on me as well, and faded evenly. This shade is probably the most muted of the three, but it is still bright. I think out of all three, Impassioned caters to pretty much any skin tone. I really feel like this is a universally flattering shade!




Blushing Daisy Scores:

  • Candy Yum-Yum: 10/10

  • Vegas Volt: 8/10

  • Impassioned: 10/10

What are your go-to summer shades?



Hello Everyone!

I was attempting to film my everyday makeup routine today, but my camera decided to bug out on me right when I got to doing my eyeliner. I was bummed, but I decided to scratch the video and just do a quick pictorial on how I do my winged eyeliner! I used the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner pen today.

Hopefully I will have my next video up fairly quickly. It looks like I need to clear up some memory on my card before I try to make such a large video!

I promise, I will film an in depth winged eyeliner tutorial as my next video! Onto the pictorial!

Step 1:




First things first, with your eyeliner, line your lash line. I find it easiest to start in the middle, then move outward. I then go back to the middle and line inward. You want your line to gradually increase in thickness as you move outward.

Step 2:


Next, you need to relax your face and look completely straight into the mirror. You want to draw (with a light hand) the bottom part of your wing. You want it to be proportional to the very tail end of your eyebrow. Since my eyes are hooded, I draw the line with a relaxed face because if you pull your skin taught, it will look wonky when your eye is in it’s normal resting position.

Step 3:


Now, you want to draw the upper half of your wing and connect it to the outer corner of your eyeliner that was previously drawn. You want your wing to be sharp, like a dagger. You want people to fear you because of how intimidating those wings are!

Step 4:


This step may be the easiest of them all. Just fill in that empty space between the top part of the wing and the lower part. Now, if you are happy with the thickness, you may leave your wing the way it is and skip step 5 and move onto step 6. If you are fierce, like a lion, you may proceed.

Step 5:


Retrace that sweet, sweet liner and make it just a bit more THICK! Now, you are the king/queen of the animal kingdom. You have achieved what many still fear. If you are reading this and you decided to keep your tiny dagger the way it was, you, my dear, are still a fierce lion. Any cat eye, no matter the size, is a victorious moment.

Step 6:


Curl those lashes! I keep my curler in between my thighs while I do my makeup so that it may warm up. You can always blast it with a blow dryer for a few seconds as well. I hold this curling position for 10-15 seconds per eye.

Step 7:


Run some mascara over those lashes! I did one coat, waited a minute, then applied a second coat.

Step 8:


Repeat steps 1-7 on your opposing eye. You got this!

Step 9:


Be the fierce feline that you are! You rock!


Review: YVES SAINT LAURENT CRÈME DE BLUSH: Shade 4, Audacious Orange

YSL CRÈME DE BLUSH is a soft creme-to-powder blush. Shade 4 is a beautiful bright reddish-coral color. The packaging is sleek, with a gold finished lid. YSL is known for having gold packaging, and I never cared for gold in packaging until I ran into this brand. It is just so gorgeous and sleek. What’s not to love?

This is my first YSL product, and it was gifted to me! It smells extraordinary, like roses. It also blends out to the most beautiful natural finish. This blush is easy to blend, and I have been using my fingers for application.

As you can see, it does lean a bit more brown on my skin, but I think that’s what sets it off from the other coral blushes that I own. The finish I get with this blush has to be the most natural compared to any other blush I have used. It is the perfect flush on my cheeks.

I would definitely love to pick up a few more of these blushes someday. They make me feel like a princess!

This blush runs for a staggering $38 on Sephora’s website. You receive 0.19oz. That is $200/oz! No wonder why I feel like royalty with this baby on my cheeks! That’s the price you pay for high end products, but I think it’s worth it!


  • Highly pigmented
  • Blends easily
  • Smells wonderful
  • Lasts all day
  • You will feel like a princess/prince with this on! (:
  • Nice packaging


  • Price! ($200/oz)

Blushing Daisy Score: 10/10

I can look past the price on this blush. It’s a high end product, and you should expect a steep price tag! I also feel like I can’t complain about the price of products because people in places like Australia are paying ~$30 for a MAC lipstick when it is only ~$16 here in the states. I love this blush, and it is easily my new favorite!

I am becoming hopelessly addicted to high end products (Thanks Bon!), but I decided to hold off on purchasing any more until I finish college. I wanted to get a part time job, but I think it would be more smart to focus on solely on school. I am in a situation where I do not need a job right now. I feel like I would end up putting work before my education; that’s what I was doing before I moved last summer! I also want my spare time to be focused on this blog! It makes me happy helping people with their beauty woes!

Do you own any YSL products? How do you like them?


Educational Review: Facial Sunscreen [Elta MD & Trader Joe’s enrich]



Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that is very important: Sun Protection! If you haven’t jumped on the daily UVA/UVB protection bandwagon, then what are you waiting for?! The reviews of the two facial protections that I use will be towards the bottom of this post!

According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. There are three types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Melanoma is more dangerous than the other two, and it causes the most deaths. Basal/squamous cell carcinoma can cause a fair amount of damaging though (and can be disfiguring!!).

UV light is what causes skin cancer. UV light damages cell’s DNA. The DNA can be repaired to a certain extent, but if there is too much UV exposure the DNA in the damaged cell is unrepairable. There are three types of UV light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC does not get past the ozone layer, which is awesome because it can be VERY damaging. UVB is what help produce vitamin D in your skin, but can still be damaging after exposed for too long. UVA is what effects the skin the most, and it can penetrate past the top layer of your skin!!

So, what can we do to reduce the risk?

  1. Use Sunscreen! The CDC Suggests a UVA/UVB protection of at least 15 SPF.
  2. Stay in the Shade. Find an adorable umbrella! 😀
  3. Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.
  4. Wear a hat! Sun hats are adorable.
  5. Wear sunglasses. They need to block UVA/UVB rays.
  6. Avoid indoor tanning.





Let me tell you about my skin type:

I have very dry skin. The only area of my face that can get oily is my nose. I have pale skin, freckles, and I am very prone to getting sunburned.


Elta MD Skincare UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

This facial sunscreen claims that it is:

  • Sheer and lightweight
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid (to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Transparent Zinc Oxide- 9.0% (UVA Protection)
  • SPF 40- 7.5% Oxtinoxate (UVB Protection)
  • For normal, combination, and post-procedure skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sensitivity-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • NOT water resistant
  • Made in the USA

Overall, I really enjoy this sunscreen. I use it on days that I know I will be outside with makeup on for more than an hour. If I don’t wear makeup (when I go cycling, for example), then I just put my normal sunscreen on my face and body. This is a great sunscreen/moisturizer duo to use under my makeup. I typically don’t wear a lot of face makeup, but I have used this under bb cream. It doesn’t make my face oily or irritated, and it doesn’t leave a noticeable white film on my face.

I am very prone to getting burned, so a higher SPF is a must for me if I am going to be outside! SPF 40+ if great for my sun-sensitive skin! If I am going to the beach, I prefer SPF 70+, but I have never gotten burned at the beach with this sunscreen on my face (I didn’t get my face wet by the way).

My skin looks nice with this on, and it feels light. The scent is quite faint as well. The list price is $24 on Amazon (It’s on sale for $19.55 right now). You receive 1.7 oz (That’s about $14.12/oz). It is a bit on the pricey side, but I would repurchase. I may end up trying some drug store products once this runs out, but that’s only because I am broke right now :D.


Trader Joe’s enrich Broad Spectrum SPF 15

This facial sunscreen claims to be:

  • Fragrance free
  • For all skin types
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E
  • PABA free
  • Non comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Octinoxate- 6.0%
  • Zinc Oxide- 3.0%
  • NOT water resistant
  • Cruelty Free

I use this as a daily sunscreen/moisturizer when I know that I won’t be outside very much. If I exercise I use a higher SPF and shower afterwards, so this is nice for very minimal days. When I am at school I am usually in the library, so I don’t need a high SPF when I am just walking to classes.

This does feel more greasy than the Elta MD, so I wouldn’t suggest it to people with oily skin. I don’t really have a problem with my dry skin wearing it. It doesn’t really leave a white film on my face. I don’t really know about flash back because I don’t use flash when I take photos of myself! (I am really not a fan of flash)

I bought this for $5 at Trader Joe’s. You receive 4 fl oz, so that is $1.25/fl oz. This is probably one of the cheapest facial sunscreens that I have ever seen! I think it is worth the $5 if you have dry skin.

The Verdict:

I prefer the Elta MD over this one because it is a higher SPF and it doesn’t leave my face feeling slightly greasy. I like owning both because I don’t feel the need to use the Elta everyday because of the price! I will review my next sunscreen haul. I am in the market for a new full body, so I want to pick up a facial one too. I don’t think that you can have too much sunscreen! It is probably the most important skin care products out there.

Where I apply:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Tattoo (Upper back)
  • Back of hands


A healthy body is a happy body! What products do you use? Do you have any good recommendations for a full body sunscreen? Mine is only SPF 30, so I need something higher, pronto!