Hey everyone!

Today I am here with a nail polish review! Sinful Colors Professional is probably the cheapest nail polish brand (that I have heard of), ringing in at $2 a pop!

I was wary of the quality because of the price. Let’s just say that we can never judge a book by it’s cover!

Now, I am not saying that this is the best nail polish I have ever used, but for the price, I would definitely pick up a few more colors!


The shade Easy Going is a very opaque pastel pink that is just a few shades shy of being white. I like the shade, but I usually shy away from white leaning shades.


On my fingers I did two shades, letting the first shade dry before applying the second. I did not use a base or top coat. I rarely use base/top coats honestly! There was some slight bubbling, which bothered me.


I did one really thick coat on my thumb. I don’t suggest that… it was bubble city! With this polish, you really need to stick to at about two thin coats.

A base coat may prevent the bubbling.

I am sad to say that I don’t have any after photos, but this polish lasted 8 days on me with NO CHIPPING WHATSOEVER! I am absolutely amazed!! I usually don’t pay attention to how long my polish lasts without chipping, so I need to start doing that with my others. I am so impressed with this $2 polish longevity wise. The bubbles are the only thing that’s steering me away.


  • Longevity (8 days, no base/top coat)
  • Price ($2 a pop)
  • Color payoff is good with two coats



Blushing Daisy Score: 8/10

Those darn bubbles bother me so much! I will test this brand again with a base coat definitely. I would still repurchase though. I think they have a pretty nice color selection, and ¬†for $2 you can’t be too disappointed!

I recommend a good base coat!

What is your go-to nail shade?