To get this post started, let me just say that I received these products complimentary from a site called influenster for testing purposes. Just because I received these products for free, doesn’t change the fact that my review is based on my own opinions.

Now, let’s get to the fun part!


If you haven’t already noticed from the name of the box, these products are geared towards summer! I think “surfs up” suits me well since I live just a short drive away from the nearest beach on sunny Orange County!


Every box comes with an information card that gives a little description of each product that you receive. I love the photo on the card, it’s adorable! If you want to be apart of this community, either post your email down below, or email me at:

Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit


Right under the card were these Jamba Juice coupons! They are for these smoothie kits that Jamba Juice sells in grocery stores. I picked up Razzmatazz, under the request of my lovely boyfriend. You only need to add juice, and the bag says it contains two servings. Todd and I don’t drink juice, so I added almond milk instead.


  • The card says that they retail for $3.49, but they were $4.49 at my local grocery store.
  • You receive 80z in the bag of fruit & yogurt, thats less than 60 cents/oz depending on the price at your grocery store.
  • Not including the price of added juice.

The Razzmatazz kit had:

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  • Non-fat yogurt cubes
  • There is sugar added (20g total before juice is added)
  • Small amount of banana
  • Modified corn starch (I’m guessing in the yogurt)
  • Xanthan gum (probably in the yogurt too)
  • Stevol glycosides and absorbic acid (preservatives)


  • I prefer razzmatazz from Jamba Juice, but if we used apple juice and not almond milk, it may have been closer to the flavor.
  • It was sweet in a sugary way, not a sweet ripe fruit way.


  • I prefer the smoothies I make from scratch. It’s cheaper in bulk, and there is no added sugar.
  • There wasn’t much for two people. This whole pack made about the amount of an original size at Jamba Juice, for about the same price. I would prefer to just go to Jambe Juice and get a smoothie from them if I was going to drink something with added sugar.
  • I still want to try the green machine one though, I will use my $1 off coupon.
  • I wouldn’t repurchase after I use my last coupon.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion

Hawaiian Tropic_1

I have used the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen before, and I loved it! I was really excited to test this. The scent is coconut papaya, and it leaves a nice, faint scent on your skin after application. It is half lotion and half aloe vera, and you can see the ribbons through the bottle. It’s soothing and cooling on the skin, and does last a long time. I always wear spf when I go out, but my skin feels tired after being in the sun all day. This is a nice pick me up for my skin!


  • The bottle I received is 2oz, and it runs for $2.99, which is $1.50/oz
  • The regular size bottle is 8oz for $8.99, running at ~$1.13/oz
  • Both are a great price for this product, in my opinion.


  • Smells nice, it faint on the skin
  • Soothing & cooling
  • Good price
  • I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out! I may pick up some more sunscreen from HT as well.

First Aid Shot Therapy

First Aid

This is an interesting concept: a berry flavored caffeine shot containing 500mg of choline salicylate (NSAID). For those of you who don’t know me, I have fibromyalgia. I was interested to try this because I live with aches and pains on a daily basis. I happened to have menstrual cramps, back pain, wrist pain, and a headache right before I took this.


  • $2.99 for one dose (1.35 fl oz)


  • Smells like a juice pouch
  • Tastes like watered down cough syrup
  • Started feeling some relief from cramps/back pain in 20 min!
  • It didn’t help with my headache or wrist pain
  • Would be great to pick up in a pinch on a road trip, but I would stick to my pill formed NSAIDS.
  • I tend to not take medication, even in pain though.
  • This says it can help with hang overs. It won’t cure it, but it may help ease your symptoms. Drink a lot of water!

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors_1


The shade is Firefly: a bright neon yellow with micro glitter. I am actually wearing a different shade from Sinful Colors on my fingernails, and I am really impressed! I saw some people receiving this gorgeous blue shade, and I was a little disappointed when I opened my box. BUT I am glad to have a yellow polish now because I did not own one previously.

The application looks bad because I was in a hurry.

The application looks bad because I was in a hurry.


  • $1.99 for 0.5 fl oz: $3.98/fl oz.
  • This is one of the cheapest nail polishes on the market!


  • You need two coats, no matter the shade.
  • long lasting (over a week with no base/top coat!)
  • Cheap
  • Good color range
  • I am going to hunt down that blue shade at Target!
  • Go buy some shades, you’ll be pleasantly surprised (like I was!)

COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara



I have heard some bad things about this mascara, but I honestly think that it was user error. I had a terrible first application, but it applies fine if you don’t try to rush it. You need to remove this with an oil based makeup remover (I used coconut oil!). I had a dramatic difference, and I DIDN’T use an eyelash curler.


I am quite impressed.


  • $9.49-11.99 for 0.66 fl oz
  • ~$14.38-18.17/fl oz
  • About half the price of a mid-end mascara


  • Curling, lengthening, and volumizing
  • Lashes still felt pretty natural
  • Removed easily with coconut oil
  • No flaking
  • Cute packaging, and it’s weighted nicely
  • Would I repurchase? Maybe! I have so much mascara to go through, so I can’t think about buying more!
  • Let’s say if I went on vacation (like I am next week), and I happened to ¬†forget my mascara, I would probably purchase this!
  • I like using two mascaras at once, and this is perfect for that!

Do you own any of these products? How do you like them?